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March 02 2015


Kim Kardashian Gets Cheeky - Yahoo News

"27 mil!!!!!" she captioned the photo. "Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!" In the pic, Kim is wearing a leopard print thong with red trim, putting her famous bottom on display. Kim Kardashian Instagrammed a photo of herself wearing a thong on February 26, 2015 (Instagram) Kim may have even bigger news to celebrate! On Thursday, the Kardashian family was reported to have inked a four-year $100 million dollar deal with E!, but a NBCUniveral spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that figure is "grossly inaccurate." -- Paige Feigenbaum Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved.

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February 15 2015


Kim Kardashian And New Candy Crush Apps Please Investors - Yahoo News

The number of daily active users reached 149 million, up 4% from the prior quarter and 20% over the past year. And while the number of paying players per month ticked downward again by 4% to 8.3 million from the prior quarter, the average amount each paid rose 12% to $23.42. King says the shift resulted from its decision to make players buy virtual currency ("gold bars") for in-game purchases. That means players make purchases less frequently but in larger amounts. Glu has different strategy, building franchise games around media celebrities or other pop culture hits. After its success with the Kardashian game, the company sought out more stars such as Perry. Further deals will be forthcoming, CEO Niccolo de Masi told analysts last week. "Glu now has partnered with two celebrities with a combined social following of over 240 million, he noted. We intend to continue expanding upon our entertainment partnerships on an ongoing basis and have a number of later-stage discussions underway.

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January 30 2015


Kim Kardashian 'really Trying' For More Kids - Yahoo News

And it sounds like the couple, who tied the knot in May 2014, doesn't plan to stop at two children. "More kids cant come soon enough!" Kim, 34, said. PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian The proud mom also revealed that she is currently in the process of potty training 19-month-old North, and that her daughter is "so smart." "She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age," she told the mag. "Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, 'Moon, Mom! Moon!' I couldnt believe she knew that." As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com , the reality beauty will be seen in a funny Super Bowl ad this weekend for T-Mobile, which she debuted on "Conan" on Monday night. "Hi, I'm Kim," she said, while sporting a black suit that exposed her midriff. "Each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. Tragic.

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December 31 2014


Kim Kardashian "upset" Because She Can't Get Pregnant Again

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ that Kim and her husband Kanye West have been trying to have another baby over the past 9 months, but so far nothing is working. Kim has been to several fertility specialists, who have all informed her that conceiving a little brother or sister for their 1-year-old daughter North Westis unlikely. According to TMZ : Kim has been to fertility doctors, but theyve made it clear having another baby is a long shot. Turns out North West was a miracle baby she had 3 specialists tell her she couldnt get pregnant before North was conceived. Kim and Kanye assumed the second baby would be easier since it worked once, but the doctors are telling her thats not the case. Were told Kim is trying to reduce her stress and cut down on traveling per doctors advice.Were told Kanye has been to almost every doctors visit Kim goes once a month. Maybe Kim and Kanye should give up the whole 2nd baby thing for a little while and just be happy that they were able to have North. Some couples arent even able to conceive one child, so Kimye should really be counting their blessings right now. Kanye said it himself: Cause when you try hard, thats when you die hard . Filed Under:

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December 16 2014


Kim Kardashian's Holiday Plans: 1 Present For North? - Yahoo News

According to a new interview with E! , the reality star not known for doing understated things may only be getting daughter North just one Christmas present!? "We have something special that we have at our new house for her that we're going to give her on Christmas," Kim said, seemingly referring to a singular gift granted it could be a pony with a diamond-studded saddle that lives in its own stable with a staff! In fact, when it comes to going over the top with gifts for North, Kim leans on the rest of the Kardashian clan. "I try not to go overboard. I let everyone else spoil her," she continued. North's aunt Khloe told E! that shopping for North can be a little daunting. PHOTOS: 9 Times Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Shirt "I'm not going to compete with the clothing with her," she said.

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November 29 2014


A Roundup Of All The Kardashian Drama This Week: November 29, 2014 - Celebrity Life - Zimbio

A Roundup of All the Kardashian Drama This Week: November 29, 2014 . Getty ImagesIndulge in some calorie-free guilty pleasure (for once this weekend) and catch up with all the Kardashian drama. Giving Thanks What's Kim thankful for this year? Her list is probably quite lengthy, but she called out her bestie on Instagram this week. So who's her No. 1 pal? None other than little Nori. "I'm so thankful for my best friend," she wrote with this adorable snapshot of North looking extremely fashionable in a furry cape. Awww. Trouble in Paradise Well, Khloe and French Montana are back together, but their days together might be numbered.

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Kim Kardashian Confidently Eats A Cupcake In Elle Uk Cover Photo | Reality Tv Magazine

kim-kardashian-confidently-eats-cupcake-elle-uk-cover-photo Shortly after Kendall Jenner impressed fans with her high fashion photo shoot forDazed Magazine, Kim Kardashian clued Twitter followers in on her latest cover photo. Instead of showing off her butt, as she did forPaper Magazine, the reality star wore a striped top and stared at her fingers, which were covered in cupcake frosting. According toElle UK, Kim Kardashian is the ultimate example of female confidence. The magazine claims that the celeb has, through her unerring self-belief, redefined our perception of body beautiful. Critics take issue with this, however, alleging that the reality star is completely lacking in confidence. Why else would she pursue such drastic diets and avoid appearing in public without a full face of makeup? In spite of the criticism, Kim was still eager to share her latest accomplishment on Instagram. The reality star posted pictures of all three magazine covers before claiming that the image featuring the cupcake was by far her favorite.

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November 09 2014


Kim Kardashian Reportedly Planning To Announce Second Pregnancy On ?kuwtk? | Webpronews

According to Yahoo! Entertainment , Media Take Out, the news of Kims alleged second pregnancy was actually leaked by producers for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The gossip site claims an episode is currently being orchestrated for the announcement of Kims second pregnancy on the tenth season of the reality TV series. Although Kim hasnt had much to say about having another child anytime soon, Kris has had no problem gushing about her grandchildren and her desire for more! During a recent interview, the 58-year-old matriarch has made it clear she loves the idea of having more grandchildren. However,she refused to give any hints about the possibility of Kim having another child right now. I would love more grandkids. Its such a blessing, Kris said.

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October 28 2014


Kim Kardashian's Ugly Cry Is A Shirt - Yahoo Celebrity

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Kim Kardashian's Ugly Cry is a Shirt By Rosalyn Oshmyansky 54 minutes ago 0 shares Done Kim Kardashian's crying has its own line. Beyond the GIFS and memes, Kim Kardashian's crying face is now a wardrobe staple. For $55, you can purchase the limited edition t-shirt of Kim Kardashian crying all over you.

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October 12 2014


Khloe Kardashian Shocked By Spoiled North West, Encounter With Kanye West And Also Kim Kardashian Looming?

> There are times as well as very few of them I could add when Khloe is shocked at what her sis as well as Kanye do and also buy for North. Yet at the exact same time, Khloe likes it. Reality be informed, Khloe would certainly do the very same for her youngster one she has one. She just hasn't already had the dealing with of being a mommy. Khloe loves Nori as if she were her own child and also there is absolutely nothing that she, as an auntie, wouldnt do for Nori, Mason, or Penelope. She merely wishes a little charming angel of her very own eventually. Kim and also Khloe have been recognized to butt going the last few years, as well as their disagreements have occasionally been recorded on their truth television show, Staying up to date with the Kardashians. Yet are the siblings set to fall out due to Khloes thoughts relating to exactly how Kim has ruined North West? Possibly not, as Kim will certainly be aware that she is addressing her daughter in a luxurious means, which even consists of N. having her very own fashion designer, and she wont be bothered in the tiniest with regards to it. Thats because, in between her own success and her hubbies substantial accomplishments as probably the most renowned rapper worldwide, both have sufficient cash to splash on their little girl.

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September 19 2014


Kim Kardashian Claims Just Wants To Be A 'milf,' Dress Gorgeous After Getting Body System Back|thecelebritycafe.com

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/NYVAOhe.jpg' width='200px' design='float: left; cushioning:5 px' />) Kanye Wests other half, nevertheless, made it clear that after having a child, all she would like to do is gown hot. In an interview with Lucky publication advertising the line, the Staying on par with the Kardashians stars discussed being a mother and style. "" I am absolutely way sexier ever since having my child, she stated regarding 1-year-old North West. The struggle to obtain back into form after giving birth is such a real one. She also added, "" I just wish to be a MILF!"" Kim also discussed being jealous that her older sibling, Kourtney, whos currently anticipating her third kid with Scott Disick, looks so good in maternity clothes. "" Kourtney has the very best maternal style. I mean, I wish I would certainly appeared like a hot pregnant person, she said. Kourtney stated her style is a lot more "" practical and comfy but does like to tip it up when shes not with her kids; Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2. Daily Report in the meeting, Kim additionally said her child with the Yeezus rap artist simply prefers to wear greys, serums, oatmeal colors and black. photo by means of INFphoto.com

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September 04 2014


Necole Bitchie.com: Kim Kardashian Goes Nude For British Gq

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/Ada0aAH.jpg' size='200px' alt='Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Sighting - September 2, 2014' design='float: left; cushioning:5 px' />) May as well be playboythey most likely wouldve paid her even more. Furthermore, I view yall haven't published her throwing Reggie Shrub fiancee out of Made in The united state. Ye is silly. Using him much like the others. -1 BANANA PUDDIN Reply: September 3rd, 2014 at 12:37 pm @ mcflyishshe had an ex fling of his thrown away, reggie is wed to lilit that appears like Kim however is actually organic Mcflyish Reply: September 3rd, 2014 at 12:51 pm Oh I had them puzzled. Shame on me.: / +73 TP Reply: September 3rd, 2014 at 9:27 am Well well well. back to where all of it started for Ms K.

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August 20 2014


Kim Kardashian Talks Rob Kardashian: Why He Skipped Her Wedding | Webpronews

He sent me a long e-mail the morning of, that he was going to leave, and there was no fight, she explained. And I just thought, This is my day, Im not even going to worry about it. I hope hes OK. Robs departure sent the rumor mill into a frenzy. Several media outlets reported his departure was due to a big blowup between he and his sister. It was rumored that his weight gainwas reportedly a big issue and Kim refused to let him be in the wedding pictures.Although the 33-year-old reality star didnt specifically say why her brother decided to leave, she vaguely reveal his weight was a factor in his decision. If I dont like something thats going on in my life, I change it. I dont sit and complain about it for a year , she said.

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August 19 2014


[watch] ?keeping Up With The Kardashians': Kim & Kris Fight Over Wedding Plans - Hollywood Life

Beyonce: Her 9 Crazy Sexy New Summer Looks ? Vote For Your Fave Thats when Kim walks in flaunting her body, may I add and is shocked to learn that her family is talking about their argument! (How could they? This family never talks about each others business!) Kim defends herself, explaining that she got an email from her wedding planner, and apparently it read Kris Jenner is trying to take over your wedding. Okay, not exactly. But thats how Kim interpreted it. Bottom line, Kim doesnt want her mom getting in the way of her big day. You have your signature style, and Kanye and I really, really, really want this wedding to me just about me and him, Kim says. Kim wants a day to be just about her? Were shocked. Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sundays (9/8c) on E!

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Kim Kardashian On Why She Wants To Lose Weight - Yahoo News

"No matter what anyone says, you know how you feel in clothes, and everything is a little too tight," Kim told Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez. Kim said that her figure changed when she had baby North West in June 2013. "It's like, after the baby, my body's just changed," she said. "I always thought my butt was big enough, and my hips. It's even bigger after the baby and I don't like it." The reality star said she just she wants to feel good in her skin. WATCH: Kim Kardashian Talks Weight, Her Upcoming Selfie Book "You want to feel secure and comfortable," she added. One place Kim does feel comfortable, is in front of her own camera. It was announced last week that she'll be releasing a book of selfies in 2015. "I think we took about 2000, but there are actually some selfies, like I have sent Kanye some pretty racy selfies over the years and he's saved them all, so those, I think, are gonna make the book," Kim said of the upcoming hardcover book called "Kim Kardashian: Selfish." "So it starts back with my first selfie in 1984.

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Kim Kardashian Speaks Out On Wedding Day Drama With Brother Rob | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

Rob Kardashian landing in Los Angeles on the day Kim married Kanye West. (Splash News) Rob Kardashian landing in Los Angeles on the day Kim married Kanye West. (Splash News) She insisted that her brother not being there on her (third) wedding day didn't ruffle her feathers, saying, "I just thought, 'You know what, this is my day. I'm not even going to worry about it.' I totally understand that he wouldn't want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable and you can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on more memories in life, because life is about memories." Kim also answered a reader question about why she seemed to lack empathy toward her brother over this situation. "My brother and I are so close, he's one of my best friends," she insisted, noting that they are currently both living in their mother Kris Jenner's Calabasas, California, home. However, "I'm definitely a tough love kind of person. If I don't like something that's going on in my life, I change it, and I don't sit and complain about it for a year." If that sounds like a frustrated response, it is.

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July 28 2014


Kim Kardashian Posts Throwback Photo With Mama And Siblings For Her Grandma's 80th Special Day - Children & Domesticity, Birthday, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner: People.com

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/MHLWTE1.jpg' width='200px' design='float: left; padding:5 px' /> )Kim, 33, shared the family picture, most likely absorbed the late '80s, in honor of her parental grandma's special day. "" Delighted 80th Birthday to my grandma MJ !!!!"" she created. "" You have actually educated me a lot concerning life! You are my idolizer !!! I can't wait to commemorate with you!"" The image reveals previous design MJ (aka Mary Jo Shannon) and her little girl Kris (that's using a glossy jacket and some big, tousled '80s hair), in addition to Kim and sisters Kourtney and Khloe. The brother or sisters are wearing matching t-shirts and patterned coats with brooches, but it's Kim (on top of the picture) which virtually steals the show with her long dark locks and side-swept bangs. Kim has been identified out shopping with her granny in the past and in Could, discussed a photo on Instagram with MJ, who was visiting Paris for the initial time ahead of Kim and Kanye West's romantic wedding. Kourtney additionally uploaded a throwback photo with MJ on Instagram, composing, "" This lady has always influenced me so much as a sturdy, independent, smart woman. Pleased birthday MJ!"" Want much more stories such as this?

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July 26 2014


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Imminent: Did Rap Artist Abandon Better Half?

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/mNTJL3H.jpg' width='200px' style='float: left; padding:5 px' />) InTouch publication have actually declared that their marriage is essentially over, and this isn't the initial time that speculation over the demise of their relationship has been swarming. As a matter of fact, just last month Kardashian was believed to have already been second-guessing her nuptials with the rap artist. This was since he had begun to manage every aspect of her life, and she was having a hard time to manage his unceasing meddling. InTouch additionally included that there was one final battle between Kanye and Kim that lastly viewed the duo confess that there marital relationship was in reality over. A source said to the magazine, The rap artist has been doing his best to stay away from and neglect his brand-new partner considering that their honeymoon. An additional insider kept in mind that Kim does not wished to accept defeat though due to her previous fell short marital relationship to Kris Humphries, which simply lasted 72 days. They claimed, Kim is so obsessed with her photo that she does not would like to endure the general public embarrassment of yet one more divorce. This suggests that the truth TELEVISION celebrity is readied to remain in the marital relationship in order to save face.

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July 11 2014


Kim Kardashian Takes Over The Jersey Shore: See The Pics - Mtv

Kim Kardashian and her friend Jonathan Cheban seen having fun on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey by Christina Garibaldi 15 hours ago Kim Kardashian took over Snookis old stomping grounds on Tuesday, having some fun in the sun at the Jersey Shore. The reality TV star, along with her BFF Jonathan Cheban, went on a little road trip down the Garden State Parkway to the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Kim, wearing a black plunging top and skinny jeans, posted a pic of her and Jonathan as they went on the swing carousel ride. The two later rented a two-seater surrey to cruise around the boardwalk. Kim also enjoyed some eats while enjoying her day out, indulging in boardwalk cuisine. Mrs. Kanye West and her pal stayed into the night, as she changed into a form fitting navy dress.

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April 24 2014


Chris Brown Incarcerated For Months A Lot More As Bodyguard Charms Judgment - Latimes.com

Celebrity mug shots By Christie D'Zurilla April 23, 2014, 6:27 p.m. Chris Brown is looking at another tortuous cross-country trip back to Los Angeles, courtesy of the U.S. Marshals Service, followed by months more in jail, courtesy of the guilty verdict in his bodyguard's Washington, D.C., assault case. Brown, who's also charged with assault related to an October 2013 incident in which a man alleges he was hit by both men while trying to get into a picture with two women outside the singer's tour bus, had his trial delayed indefinitely Wednesday pending Christopher Hollosy's appeal of the verdict that was handed down Monday, the Associated Press reported. Breezy's trial was to have started this past Monday, right after Hollosy's wrapped. It had taken him days to travel cross-country from a Los Angeles County jail to a Virginia lockup . Also Chris Brown speaks out from jail, with help from Karrueche Tran "Indefinitely" is likely to happen in June at the earliest, according to the defense, and might be as far as a year off, prosecutors said. The R&B artist's legal team had intended to call Hollosy as a witness for the defense, expecting him to say under oath that he was the only one who hit 20-year-old Parker Adams. However, testimony of that nature could hurt the bodyguard's chances in his own appeal process, as prosecutors have declined to grant him immunity as a witness supporting Brown. Also, prosecutors believe that a single-assaulter story, were he to tell one in the wake of his guilty verdict, would be a lie. On the stand, Adams labeled Hollosy's punch as a 10, while giving Brown's only a 6, CNN reported. Hollosy had testified in his trial that he hadn't hit Adams until the man attempted to board Brown's tour bus, putting the singer in jeopardy. Other witnesses contradicted that version of events. The elephant in the room, of course, is Brown's probation status in the 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna.

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